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If you’re stuck and overwhelmed with debt and can’t see a solution, don’t worry—we’re here to help. A consumer proposal can help you get a handle on your debts, settle them, and get you on the right track to better finances. At Baker Tilly Ottawa Ltd., we prepare consumer proposals on your behalf and work with your creditors to agree to accept a substantial reduction in their claims on accounts of interest and principal.

Our Experience Gets You Results

Consumer proposals can only be administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) and Proposal Administrator. Baker Tilly Ottawa Ltd.’s experience and expertise as a LIT and in the administration of consumer proposals ensures our clients are able to get back on their feet and get their debt crisis resolved.

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Don’t worry! Our team of experts are ready to help you navigate your debt crisis and find a solution that will get you back in control of your finances. We’ve got years of experience working as Licensed Insolvency Trustees and know how frustrating, intimidating, and worrying these financial challenges can be. We’re here to help you at every stage of the process, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients take control of their finances.

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