Can’t Pay? We’re Here to Help

We have the power required to assist someone dealing with a tax debt who simply can’t pay!
Dealing with a tax debt is by far one of the most serious debts that one can face. The Canada Revenue Agency is aggressive and has limitless resources to collect from you. Their job is to collect that debt – they are not concerned with your financial status, or the fact that you are trying to get your finances in order.

Dealing with a tax debt is a financial problem with one of the most powerful creditors you can owe money too. The CRA can register a lien on your house, garnish your wages, garnish your receivables, freeze your bank account and more – all without a court order.

CRA tax problems don’t go away by themselves. The CRA will demand payment in full or often repayment terms that are impossible to honour. During this period, interest continues to accumulate, and they continue the unrelenting pressure with letters, calls, and enforcement action.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are one of the only professions with the expertise and authority to really help someone dealing with a tax debt. That’s because our programs are legislated under federal law, so when someone enters a program through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee:

  • CRA collection calls stop.
  • Interest and penalties stop accruing.
  • The CRA debt is typically settled at a significant discount.
  • CRA garnishments and requirements to pay are lifted.
  • A meaningful plan is prepared to enable you to settle your CRA debt.

Why pay a lawyer or debt counsellor to refer you to a Trustee? If you have a debt that you cannot pay, consult a Licensed Insolvency Trustee directly and find out what real and practical options you have.