Get Out of Credit Card Debt with Expert Help

Credit card debt is one of the most challenging and crippling debts to carry with you. With interest rates that are often in the double digits, paying off a stubborn credit card debt should be your top priority. Unfortunately, credit cards are often a quick and easy financial lifeline that wind up doing more harm than good to your financial standing. Getting out of credit card debt as quickly as possible is a vital first step towards a better financial future.

Do you have more credit card debt than you can handle? Baker Tilly Ottawa Ltd. is here to help!

Do You Need Help?
Signs Your Credit Card Debt is Out of Control

  • You only make the minimum payment
  • Your debt continues to grow even as you make payments
  • Your credit score has taken a hit
  • You live paycheck to paycheck
  • Saving money is a challenge, or feels impossible
  • You’re borrowing money to pay bills

If you find yourself nodding as you read this list, then it’s time to get expert help. At Baker Tilly Ottawa Ltd., we offer meaningful debt solutions and effective strategies to help you regain and maintain good financial standing. We’ll work with you to show you how to pay off credit card debt and keep it away.

What Are My Credit Card Debt Options?

There are only 4 ways to truly eliminate frustrating credit card debt:

  • Pay your debts in full
  • Participate in a credit counselling program
  • Participate in a consumer proposal
  • File for bankruptcy

But of these, only 2 solutions can help if you’re struggling with debt.

Consumer Proposals and Personal Bankruptcy are the only ways to safely eliminate credit card debt while protecting your financial standing and allowing you to rebuild. If full repayment isn’t an option, consulting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee should be your next step. They are the only financial agents empowered to administer Consumer Proposals or Bankruptcies, putting a halt to collection actions, freezing interest, and helping you get back on your feet.

Why Trust Us to Help You Get Out of Credit Card Debt?

As credit card debt accumulates, so too does pressure. Stress and anxiety are common frustrations that come with debt, making it difficult to know where you can turn for help. Sadly, many companies, organizations, and individuals use this opportunity to make a quick buck, charging you for services that are already available without a fee, or forcing you to pay fees to set up an appointment with professionals who wouldn’t have charged you in the first place.

There’s no need to pay a middleman, though! We often hear stories from individuals who paid a fee simply for an introduction to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The truth of the matter is we do not charge a fee to discuss your debt options! The Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Baker Tilly Ottawa Ltd. work with you to find solutions to your debt crises—go straight to the source to avoid additional costs and wasted time.

Our passion, our mission, is your health and well-being!