Put an End to Harassing Collection Calls

Harassing collection calls got you down? Let us stop collection calls and give you the breathing room to resolve your financial challenges!

When collectors come after you, you want nothing more than to invoke the powers of Oz, clicking your heels 3 times, repeating “stop the collection calls” – and poof they stop… The reality of it is, when you stop making payments to your creditors, more often than not your account will be assigned to collections – internally or sometimes using 3rd party entities.

When this happens, not only is your credit impacted but the onslaught of harassing collection calls at work and at home begin. This may also be accompanied by numerous letters and other tactics that collectors will deploy to get your attention and to force you to pay a debt – a debt that you may not have the ability to pay!

Nothing is more embarrassing than being at work and receiving a message that a collection agency is calling, or worse, that agency gets you on the phone in front of your peers.

Typically, to stop collection calls, you must do one of 2 things:

  • Get the money to pay the debt.
  • Get the assistance of a financial professional who has the power to tell them no more!

When clients deal with our firm, these calls stop because collection departments are immediately notified that they must, by law, deal with us and refrain from further direct contact with you. What a relief!

Want to stop collection calls? Get in touch with us to find out more!