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If you are struggling to make minimum payments on your debts, are having trouble meeting regular financial obligations, or your pay has been garnished, you may be considering bankruptcy to get back on your financial feet. But how can you know if bankruptcy is the right option for you, or if you qualify to go bankrupt?

The legal and financial tests to go bankrupt are not onerous or complicated. The federal Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) permits you to file for bankruptcy if you owe at least $1,000 and you are not able to meet your debt obligations as they generally become due. This may answer some of your concerns, but it still doesn’t answer the question, “Should I declare bankruptcy?”.

We believe that deciding to file bankruptcy is a very personal matter, and to properly reach a decision many financial and personal factors must be considered. With empathy, objectivity and professionalism, we will assist you in fully understanding your current financial situation, your options and the implications of bankruptcy on current and future finances, as well as your personal wishes and career aspirations.

If you are facing financial challenges, and you are not sure how to resolve them, we recommend that you contact us to arrange a no-charge initial consultation. Upon conclusion of the meeting you will have the knowledge and confidence to answer the question, “Should I declare bankruptcy?”

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