Application Form

In preparation for your appointment with us, please fill out the form below.

Application Form

List of Information Required

In order to facilitate your appointment, please bring the following information with you, if applicable:


  1. Birth certificate / passport / license
  2. Proof of your and your partner’s income (paystub, pension, CTB, UCCB, social assistance etc.)
  3. Details of alimony / child support paid (payee name / address / amount / copy of order)
  4. Proof of medical expenses not reimbursable
  5. Names and addresses of employers for the past 2 years


  1. Insurance proof
  2. Registration / Ownership
  3. Purchase document (if available)
  4. Lease agreement / finance contract


  1. Insurance proof
  2. Copy of mortgage / deed
  3. Latest property tax bill
  4. Most recent mortgage statement
  5. Proof of mortgage penalty balance
  6. Appraisal / MPAC property tax statement

Life insurance, RRSPs, RESPs, and all other assets:

  1. Copies of most recent policies and statements

Tax information:

  1. Last year’s tax return and assessment
  2. Current tax information and slips
  3. Landlord names and rent paid / property taxes paid in the past 2 years


  1. Copies of most recent bill statements
  2. Credit cards
  3. Copies of garnishments / judgments

For a Corporation:

  1. Latest financial statements and tax returns, or list of assets and liabilities if financial statements are not available
  2. Payment and filing status of HST and source deductions
  3. Latest HST return and HST statement of account
  4. Corporate seal and minute book
  5. Accountant’s name and address
  6. Lawyer’s name and address
  7. Location of books and records